Arch Support - One Year Subscription for Medical Direction and AED Management

Arch Medical Direction and AED Management is your one-stop online platform for AED support. This service helps you take care of your AED while ensuring your state's Good Samaritan laws are followed. Expert medical advice from a licensed doctor is also included.

With Arch, you get full support before, during, and after any rescue situation. Make owning an AED hassle-free with Arch Medical Direction and AED Management.

  • During AED usage, Arch includes:
    • Medical direction in all 50 states including Washington D.C.
    • Post-Event review and data management under the supervision of a licensed physician
    • Free loaner AED while the data on your AED is being downloaded and interpreted
    • Data reporting to required agencies on your behalf
    • A copy of the data report for your records
    • Free shipping of your AED and loaner AED
    • Replacement AED pads sent after documented AED usage
  • Other features and benefits included with your 12-month subscription:
    • Monthly AED check reminders to assure your AED is ready to rescue
    • Online interaction from your computer or mobile device to access your AED's expiration dates, location maps, readiness check logs and more
    • Email reminders of upcoming expiration dates for AED batteries and electrode pads
    • Online dashboard for easy ordering of electrode pads and batteries which makes AED maintenance simple and hassle-free
    • Online tracking of trained responders, including certification status and expiration dates
    • Policies and Procedures Manual
    • AED Certificate of Prescription and Medical Direction by a state-specific licensed physician (if required)

Renewals can be made directly with Arch for future year protection.