Free Prescription

FREE Doctor's Prescription and Medical Authorization on all AEDs purchased from Centerpeace Health!

Owning an automated external defibrillator (AED) has never been easier because Centerpeace Health now includes the doctor's prescription and medical authorization on all AEDs purchased for use in the United States!

Here's how it works...

Purchase your AED at the best price from Centerpeace Health. Your AED units will ship with the necessary prescription forms and documentation. It's that easy! Remember, some states require AED owners to obtain medical direction and oversight. 

Prescriptions and medical authorization are offered through our relationship with Annuvia. Their physicians and support staff are committed to your AED program so you can be sure to be compliant in all 50 United States--hassle-free!

Have a question? Contact Annuvia directly at 866-364-7940.