ZOLL RescueNet Code Review

ZOLL’s RescueNet® EventSummary software is a tool that enables public access AED owners and medical oversight managers to access vital sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) rescue information for analysis of the complete resuscitation event. When an AED is used during an SCA, RescueNet EventSummary captures clinical event information for use in quality review, analysis, and post-event debriefing. The data provides rescuers and caregivers with a more complete picture of an SCA event.

RescueNet EventSummary generates a report of ECG and vital sign data, CPR rate and depth of compressions, and all device actions and voice prompts issued. This detailed information allows for complete review and analysis of the rescue. Summary reports are exportable as PDFs for emailing to the patient’s care provider or printing for post-event debriefing and education.

This free, downloadable software is compatible with all ZOLL® AEDs, including AED Plus®, Powerheart® G5, ZOLL AED 3®, ZOLL AED 3 BLS, and AED Pro® devices.

The valuable data and insights about the SCA event and response efforts available through RescueNet EventSummary can be used to improve future rescue efforts.